Hubb means love.


    1. The most common translation for ‘love’ in Arabic is (Arabic word) (Hubb): #iHubb
      “Hubb is love between brothers, love between friends, the love you have for your parents, it extends beyond a love for just family and community. Beyond the love you have for your country – it transcends borders, it transcends race, caste, + clique. Hubb is a human to human love.”


    1. To hubb: it is an action that you do, and keep practicing.
      “Hubb is a love for our ocean, a deep love for our planet. Hubb is a love for God/ Allah, the universe, or whatever you want to call IT.”


    1. (Hubb) is that expanding feeling.
      “hubb is hard to explain. that’s why we are still trying to define it. but we realized that you can’t simply read about it. you just have to feel it.”


  1. A restaurant that tastes like home: Currently located at 60 Joel Street
    “We put a lot of hubb in our food – its our magic sauce, straight from our family kitchen. We hope you can taste it, and we hope you hubb it too.”

“The current political climate is polarizing minorities around the world. People are fearful of their neighbours, scared to talk to strangers, and too divided to get to know one another.

We are attempting to change that.”

The Hubb are inviting you into their kitchen. An extension of their dining room, here they serve up some (halal) love on a plate. A gathering place where people are asked to look beyond the appearances and stereotypes of immigrants / muslims. The concept is really simple:

“Eat our food, chat over chai, get connected, and fall in HUBB.”

The Hubb is a restaurant and third space – for community, collaboration, and tasty food. We serve up Kenyan food with Indian flavours. Based in Northwood Hills, in North London, we serve lunch, dinner and breakfast on the weekends. Our recipes come from our families, so what you’re tasting is authentic food using traditional techniques that have been handed down for generations. The unifying ingredient that binds everything on our menu, is HUBB!



The word Halal holds a lot of negative misconceptions around the cleanliness and unfair treatment of animals. Halal is an Arabic term which simply means lawful or permitted, meaning that all food preparation of animals is done with the utmost respect and dignity.

All animals are slaughtered through a ritual procedure, whereby all animals selected must be alive, healthy and fed a natural diet. The act is then performed by a Muslim in the ritual manner based on Islamic laws. The process is a sacred ceremony commencing in the name of Allah. All this is done to ensure that meat that is produced is mindfully made, clean, and accessible to all. That’s why at The Hubb we pride ourselves in serving a Halal dining experience for all customers no matter what your background is!

Please don’t hesitate to ask our staff if you are still curious about our methodology or supply chain. We hope to demystify and provide clarity on what Halal stands for.